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Apr 3, 2022

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The planet of Solocta is 90% water, ships as big as mountains ruled the ocean. These ships were vast floating cities that roamed the world, drifting on the currents. Its residents were equally as transient, sailing from city to city, trading, crafting, consuming. The world of Solocta was growing, and with it, so did the opportunists. The octopirates ruled the seas, plundering as they saw fit. They had their own brand of justice, and the code of the octopirate was gold. Among them, was one captain that no one dared challenge. With his multicolored beard, and 3 peg legs, he had taken what was his.

SolBeard was the captain of the Deep Thought and had long since plundered the eight seas. He had amassed a fortune greater than all other Octopirates combined, and he ruled his ship with an iron tentacle. As the summer days turned to cold winter nights, SolBeard thought long and hard about his octo-life. Boarding ships, and plundering loot from hapless octo-sailers was all hed ever known. But as of late, it didnt have the same meaning as it once did.

You see, SolBeard had a true passion that he had hidden under his thick slimy skin, and callused suction cups, a passion for riddles. With this new revelation, SolBeard quickly devised a plan to steal away his great fortune, and create only a single treasure map for which to find it. He would then tear this map into 10 pieces and hide them in glass bottles and set them to sea. He knew that it would take an elite crew of die hard Octopirates to piece the map together and solve its riddle. For what waited at the end was the greatest treasure known to octo-kind.


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